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"Jill has been Life coaching me over the past few months and my productivity has improved greatly. I look forward to our sessions as Jill is a warm and friendly person who is able to build rapport very quickly … by the end of the session I feel energized and ready to tackle all the actions that will move me forward to my goals.

Jill has really helped me explore options I would not have come up with on my own, through her thought provoking questions. I now have a clear plan for my future.


Jill also supported me to break my goals down into more manageable journey goals and addressed limiting beliefs that were holding me back. As a result of this I no longer feel so overwhelmed and have been able to make progress towards completing my course.


My life seems more balanced now that I have addressed some of the barriers that stopped me in these key areas of my life. Thank you so much Jill for the brilliant coaching, it has helped me a great deal."




"At each session Jill helped me to set clear goals and weigh up possible strategies to achieve each goal, with a defined time-scale for each. By the time we had finished our coaching sessions I felt I had achieved a much better balance between work and home life, which was one of my biggest priorities."




"When I came to coaching I was struggling to re-adjust having had a baby and stopped working. I knew that I wanted to have a productive role and introduce some balance but was not sure where or how to start. Jill introduced the wheel of life which formed the basis for our coaching sessions and allowed me to begin to sort out my priorities. She was always very positive and encouraging and I felt empowered and motivated having generated solutions and ideas and strategies that I could use to work towards my goals.


I now feel that I have some very useful tools and more confidence to navigate through further challenges."




"I have been so impressed with the impact that Jill's coaching has had on my life. From the first session, where we looked together at an overview of my life and the different areas so that I could prioritise the areas to look at, through subsequent sessions where Jill has helped me set myself goals on major life achievements ( such as a change of career) and minor irritations – the organisation of my photographs. I cannot thank Jill enough for the improvements she has inspired me to make."





"When I first met Jill I was not in a good place. Jill instantly put me at ease with her kindness, her humour and her willingness to share her life experience. We worked together for over a year and she introduced me to mindfulness. At first I struggled with the concept but having persevered I find that it has greatly enriched my life. If I go for a walk I would never have been able to tell you a single thing about my walk. Now I could tell you about the colours I had seen, the textures, the sounds such as birds singing and its like looking at things for the very first time. I have now just set up a small business after being out of work for 10 years and I would never have had the courage to do this if it hadn't been for Jill's help and encouragement"